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Find out how Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics change with the emergence of GDPR.


Our highly technical personnel can guide you through the concepts and approaches of Privacy-by-Design database management, development, and software lifecycle.

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One of our services is to train your DPO, but if you would rather utilising an external specialised professional full or part-time, then contact us.






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Have you started getting ready for GDPR?

(Revised and Updated for 2017)

According to a pan-European survey ended on December 2017, it looks like European organisations are not well prepared for the changes that GDPR is introducing.

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EU GDPR is already affecting several areas of modern business, creating big gaps and opportunities. Get ready by following our area-specific workshops.

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On the 25th May 2018, the UK will adopt a new piece of legislation known as the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. This legislation the UK has chosen to adopt in full will be the biggest change of data protection law in the last twenty years, and will replace the current legislation in place, the Data Protection Act 1998.

One-Day Course

This Foundation-level course provides an introduction to the concepts of GDPR, and an overview of the implications and legal requirements for organisations. It, also, includes responding to individuals exercising their data rights, and data breach reporting.

DPO Course

This course has been designed to equip Data Protection Officers with the necessary skills and competencies to meet and maintain all aspects of Data Protection compliance.

Practitioner Course

This Advanced-level course builds on the One-Day Course content to equip participants with the knowledge and operational skills to build, implement and manage a compliance programme under the GDPR.

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Bulk discounts are available on purchases of 10 or more courses, groups, schools, and non-profits.

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